The Greek Alphabet

Below is a list of the letters in the Greek alphabet.

Whilst you might wonder why it is useful to know the Greek alphabet there are infact many reasons. One of the key is that so many crosswords and quizzes seem to have questions asking you about which is which letter of the Greek alphabet. Therefore if you do many crosswords and puzzles, this might be a useful list to print off in order to act as a quick reference with your crossword and similar puzzles.

Another reason is that much science and equations in maths too use Greek letters to designate and denote many things, for instance a change may be shown by delta; note too that the upper and lower case version of a letter can look radically different and therefore it pays to learn these differences too!

Greek Name English
Alpha a
Beta b
Gamma g
Delta d
Epsilon e
Zeta z
Eta h
Theta th
Iota i
Kappa k
Lambda l
Mu m
Nu n
Xi x
Omicron o
Pi p
Rho r
Sigma s
Tau t
Upsilon u
Phi ph
Chi ch
Psi ps
Omega o

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