American Slang

Below is a list of American slang. Next time you talk to an American, you might even be able to understand them!

Allner A partner who acts likes he owns everything
B-team Inferior group
Caboon An intern
Daggy Lame
Eatopia Pleasure of eating
Factoid Series of facts on a related topic
Gack To attack
Hinkie Out of sorts
Icehouse Interesting
J-Lo Butt
Kabash Killed
Labrat System administrator
Mack daddy The coolest
Namestorm To brainstorm for names
O'Doom Suffice implying large size
Painple A painful spot
Qariot Vehicle used on pavements
Racoculous Ridiculous
Satisinpain Satisfaction in pain
Tadpole man dating a much older woman!
Ubba dubba Idiot
Vache Lay about doing nothing
Wackjob An irritating person
Xeep Someone who acts like a sheep
Yadda To waffle on, e.g. yadda yadda yadda is like blah blah blah
Zanzay Ugly

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