Guide to Golf

Albatross - three under par for a whole. A rare score - essentially getting the ball in the hole in two shots on a par five.

Birdie - one over par.

Bogey - one over par.

Bunker - a sand pit from which it can be difficult to get the ball out.

Caddie - the person who carries the players clubs and no doubt gets a bad back!

Double Bogey - two over par.

Driver - a large club for hitting the ball a long way.

Eagle - two under par for a hole

Fairway - the ideal place to hit a shot from, the manicured short grass part of the course.

Flag - marks the hole

Green - the putting green, short grass from where the ball is putted into the hole.

Iron - a range of clubs used for middle distance shots.

Par - the expected score for a hole. Often holes are par 3, 4, 5 - getting the ball down in less shots is good, getting the ball in with more shots is bad

Putting - using a putter on the green to knock the ball in the hole

Rough - long grass outside the bounds of the fairway

Sand wedge - a club used to get the ball out a bunker.

Tee - a small piece of wood or plastic used to hit the first shot of the hole from, giving the ball elevation.

Tee off - hit the first shot on a hole.

Treble bogey - three over par.

Wedge - a club with an angled face to get elevation.

Wood - a thick club made of wood, normally used to tee off.

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