Australian Slang

Below is a list of Australian slang. Next time you talk to an Aussie, you might even be able to understand them!

Phrase Translation
Ace Excellent
Amber nectar Beer
she'll be Apples! everything will be OK
Arvo Afternoon
Bagged Criticised
Bail out Leave
Banana Bender Queenslander
Barbie BBQ
Have a Barney Fight or argue
Beak Nose
You little Beauty Excellent, good
Beer o'clock End of the working day
Bludge To do nothing
Bonzer! Great!
Buckley's chance No chance
Cactus Dead (it's cactus)
Chook Chicken
Clobber Clothes
Crook Ill
Dobber Snitch
Fair dinkum Genuine, honest
G'day Hello!
Hit the sack Go to bed
Mozzie Mosquito
Narkie Short or bad tempered
Ocker Aussie that likes beer, sport and women
Off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun Get away quickly
Olds Parents
Pearl Excellent
Pinch Arrest
Playing Possum Hiding
Don't come the Raw Prawn Don't try it on with me
Proud as a rat with a gold tooth Proud of their look/themselves
Quack Doctor
Rack off Get lost
Scrubber Someone who's rough, low quality
Sheila Woman
Call a spade a spade Tell it like it is
Good sport Doesn't mind losing
Strewth! Gosh! Surprised exclamation
Stubby Bottle of beer
No sweat No problem, easy
Bush telly The stars
Ticker Heart
Tinnie Can of beer
Tucker Food
Up shit creek In trouble, it's all going wrong!
Up yourself Snobbish, arrogant
Ute Utility vehicle
Wag Play truant
Give it a whirl Try it out
Who-ha Fuss about nothing
Throw a wobbler Have a tantrum
Yabbie Crayfish
Yahoo Loudmouth
Yakka Work, hard labour
Yewse (see you) See you all later

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