Guide to Football

Booked - when a player breaks the rules of fair play and gets a yellow or red card.

Corner flags - the flags placed in the four corners of the pitch.

Corner (kick) - A corner kick is awarded to the attacking team when the ball passes over the defending team's goal line, with the ball having last been touched by a player on the defending team. Otherwise it is a goal kick.

Direct free kick - A kick given by the referee from which a goal can be scored directly (e.g. doesn't need additional touches by the attacking team).

Extra time - If the score is level after 90 minutes, extra time may be played and contains two periods of 15 minutes.

Foul - an action that contravenes the rules of fair play.

Goal - A goal is scored when the whole ball crosses the line under the bar and between the goalposts, in circumstances of fair play as defined by the rules.

Hand-ball. When a player touches the ball with his hand, either accidentally or on purpose, on the field of play. A goalkeeper can commit a hand-ball if outside his area.

Indirect free kick - A kick awarded by the referee from which a goal cannot be scored unless the ball has been touched by two or more players.

Injury time - An amount of time added on to the normal 45 minutes of a half to compensate for time taken in dealing with injuries during normal time.

Kick-off - Takes place at the start of both halfs, and also after a goal has been scored. The ball is placed on the centre spot and the ball must be played forward by the side kicking off.

Linesmen - The officials on both sides of the pitch who help the referee in controlling the game.

Offside - A player is offside when in front of the ball when it was last played and there are less than two defending players between the attacking player and the defending teams goal.

Penalty - This is a kick awarded by a referee when a defending team member fouls an opposing player/handles the ball in the penalty area.

Red card - A card shown to a player by the referee after a serious offence. If a player commits two yellow card offences, he then receives a red card. The player leaves the field.

Referee - the official in charge of the match. He decided on rule infringements and keeps time in the game.

Set Piece - A move carried out by a team when taking corners, free kicks, throw-ins and so on.

Sweeper - A player who stays behind the defensive line.

Throw-in - When the ball goes over the side lines a member from the team which was not the last to touch it throws it back onto the field, overhead and using both arms.

Touchline - the line which marks either side of the playing area of pitch.

Volley - Kicking a ball before it touches the ground.

Yellow card - A card shown to a player by the referee for a substantial infringement of the rules of fair play.

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